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To sign your store up as a GearSecure reseller, contact Bryan Peterson

Sign up for GearSecure

Join the community of artists, retailers, pawnshops, and consumers in the fight against theft. There is no charge for a store to sign up and use the service, we’re interested in protecting and building your business.

Sell your customers GearBoxes

The GearBox is designed as a quick add–on to any sale. Retailers Make 40% on in–store sales, or upgrades and renewals through the site. Selling a GearBox is quick and easy. Just make an item ID, and input customer name, email and phone number into a Web form.

What Gearboxes Do

Customers use their GearBox to record information about the gear that enables their creative life and work: musical instruments, cameras and lenses, computers, tools, and bicycles. GearBoxes store photos, serial numbers, receipts, and police reports in one secure location, ready in case of theft or disaster, and ready any time a piece enters the marketplace. No more searching for serials or calling for copies of receipts for warranties, insurance or police reports.

Use your current Inventory system

Your store GearBox is there to record and make searchable anything stolen from you. We won’t slow down any of your sales or interfere with your existing inventory system.

Recover gear

Connect police report details to document stolen items in a publicly accessible information hub to aid recovery, and shrink the market for stolen goods. GearSecure actively promotes recent thefts on social media to increase awareness.

Never question a purchase again

All members may search the serial number of any item in any marketplace to determine its true ownership status. Know what you’re getting is legitimate. With a database of owned gear you may find a piece before it’s even reported stolen.

Mission of Giving

We will always personally help bands on tour who are victims of theft. We also help the community. Right now, fully half of what we take in goes to Louisiana Flood victims who lost instruments.

With this site, and the many tools we have planned for the future, we can bring the community together on this like never before.